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We got support from Viken Fylkeskomme to create our new show NATIVUS in co-production with Dansekunst i Østfold

JORDBÆR at Vega Scene

Torgunn will be performing Jordbær by Nelly Winterhalder & Ann Sam Bell Company at Vega Scene in Oslo 11,12 & 13 March 2022

NATIVUS Research

We are working on a research about naive during this January 2022. With the support from Dansekunst i Østfold. Foto: Paulo Serantes

HUMLA in Scenekunstbruket

HUMLA has been selected to be part of Scenekunstbrukets repertoar More info: Photo:...

Hugin og Munin

We were creating the outdoors show Hugin & Munin for Unge Viken Teater Directed by Torgunn Wold Music by Paulo Serantes with Oliver Sale...

PORTFOLIO by Paulo Serantes

Paulo just released Portfolio Storytelling Sounds with his lastest compositions: ​

Klovn & Klang in Oslo

Klovn & Klang wil be in Oslo at Deichman in March 27th 2021 Photo: Paulo Serantes

Paulo at the Galizian National

Paulo will be performing "O charco de Ulises" at the Galizian National Theatre (Spain) during January 2021 Photo: Miramemira

Torgunn in JORDBÆR

Torgunn will be the actress of the show Jordbær by Nelly Winterhalder & Ann Sam Bell Company, premiering at Vega Scene in Oslo (May 19th...

HUMLA Premiere!

We look forward for premiere 19th September at 14.00h in Bærum Kulturhus. Tickets: HUMLA A...

Rehearsals on Zoom May - June 2020

Due to restrictions regarding the corona-virus we had to move the rehearsal period into Zoom. Everyone from their homes in Ås and...

Pre-production in Bristol in Marsh 2020

All involved artists of Humla (Bumblebee) has gathered in Bristol for two weeks, supported by The Norwegian Art Council. We now have an...

Torgunn at Nord University

Autum 2019 (Norway) Torgunn will be teaching movement theatre and movement composition during this autumn at Nord University.

Paulo in BELFAST 1919

September 30 to October 11, 2019 (Northern Ireland) Paulo will be working with Manifesto Poetico creating BELFAST 1919 at the Brian Friel...

KLOVN & KLANG Tour at DKS Akershus

November 11 to 22, 2019 (Norway) Klovn & Klang will be touring in Den Kulturelle Skolesekken i Akershus

HUMLA is coming

Thanks to Art Council Norway and FFUK (Founding for professional performing artists) for supporting our next show Humla. A theatre...

Pas de Deux & Østfold Dance Arts

We are happy to announce that Pas de Deux got a founding from the organization Dance Arts in Østfold for to contribute in the making of...

MIRAMOS reviewed at Göteborgs Posten

Miramos it's a magical and playful journey outside of time, amongst colours and forms. Inspired by the work of Joan Miró, choreographer...


March to April 4, 2019 (Sweden) Torgunn and Paulo will be working in Gothenburg with MIRAMOS, their new creation for Danskompaniet Spinn


March 2019 (Norway) Klovn & Klang will tour in Den Kulturelle Skolesekken in Ås Kommune in Akershus.

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