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Klovn & Klang is a happy and playful game between a clown and the sound.

With curiosity, surprise, happiness and joy Klovn & Klang brings the audience into a fantastic imaginative world were everything can happen.

The 25 min long performance is a non-verbal show for everyone between 3 and 100 years.  Klovn & Klang has been touring in Norway since 2017 playing in kinder gardens, schools and open performances for kids and family.

Performed by Torgunn Wold

Directed by Paulo Serantes

Original idea: Torgunn Wold

Dramaturgy: Paulo Serantes

Sound designer: Terje Evensen

Light designer, Photo & Video: Paulo Serantes

Produced by Torgunn Produksjoner and Akershus Teater.

Klovn & Klang

Klovn & Klang

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