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Mästerkatten is based on the Brothers Grimm's fairytale The Puss in Boots.

...they mime, sing, dance; all in an acrobat-like quick pace. They practically fly onstage. And they play it all: King, wizard, guardians, horses, lion, mice and the main character, the proudest, smartest and perhaps vilest of them all: The Puss in boots. But the superior trio doesn't stop there. They are the props too: Doors, roofs, the castle of the king. Only three jesters are onstage, but they create a whole world with exterior and interior imagination. This is physical theatre at its best.

Mats Linstrøm from Dala-Demokraten Newspaper. Sweden.

Mästerkatten has been performed more than 500 times for more than 50 000 spectators in Skandinavia becoming the second-most performed theatre production in Norway in 2008.


Directed by Torgunn Wold 

Performed by Anders Sanzén, Bo Platzack and Torgunn Wold.

Produced by Torgunn Produksjoner

Video: Paulo Serantes

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