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HUMLA Premiere!

We look forward for premiere 19th September at 14.00h in Bærum Kulturhus.


A thrilling tale about a girl and a queen. Join Tuva, a curious and passionately brave 7 year old girl, in her trips to the wilderness of the Norwegian mountains!

Through an unexpected and stinging first encounter with a queen bumblebee Tuva witnesses dramatic nature, contrast-filled seasons and heroic bumblebees and learns all about the circle of life.

Humla is a solo performance for children from 6 years and family.

Co-production between Torgunn Produksjoner and Bærum Kulturhus

Director and co-author: Nir Paldi

Actress, choreographer and co-author: Torgunn Wold

Musician, composer and sound designer: Brian Hargreaves

Costume and set designer: Katie Sykes

Light-design, photo and video: Paulo Serantes

Supported by: Kulturrådet and Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere.

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